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Programmable Double Egg Cooker / Egg Steamer

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The Elite Gourmet programmable 2-tier egg cooker/steamer allows you to cook up to 14 eggs at one time. An included measuring cup allows you to determine the proper water level to consistently prepare eggs to your desired style, soft, medium, or hard boiled. Also included, 4 poaching trays and a stainless steel omelet tray for tasty Eggs Benedict or fluffy omelets. The built-in delay timer lets you delay your cooking up to 9.5 hours. In addition to cooking all types of eggs, there are 6 preset programs to cook omelets, steam vegetables, fish, chicken and rice. 

A convenient, audible indicator lets you know exactly when the cooking cycle is complete. Also included is a water measuring cup with a built-in piercing pin to prevent cracked shells and release sulfur during cooking. The result is consistently perfect golden yellow yolks and easy to peel eggs. No more undercooking or overcooking your eggs. It's fast and easy to cook a large quantity of eggs in a short time for making egg salad or deviled eggs. Or quickly prepare and steam a meal for 1 or 2. Cleanup is a breeze, simply heat white vinegar on the cooking plate to remove mineral build up. All of the included accessories are top rack dishwasher safe.

    • Cook up to 14 hard, medium or soft boiled eggs fast.

    • 6 preset funcitons for boiling eggs, omelets, steaming fish, vegetables, chicken or rice.

    • Faster than boiling water.




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